RedCat PC is the highest rated by Angie’s List Computer Repair and Sales Shop on Cleveland’s eastside!

RedCat PC provides total technology solutions. We will solve and troubleshoot your personal computer issues. We can install a wireless or wired network solution. We will train you to understand better your home hardware and software technology so you can help yourself in the future.

Our dedicated associates are committed to keeping you connected for critical day-to-day personal computer needs. We have an excellent rapport with our customers who can depend upon us for a quick and constant response when their systems need attention!

Our Objective… is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients by providing exceptional development and maintenance of their computers and network systems with reasonable cost.

Our Mission… is to provide the highest level of service in every contact with our valued customers. We want our customers to feel like that received true value for their money spent with us. We will assess, fix or repair your current system in a timely manner. Also we will guide our customers to new equipment when it has been determined that their current equipment is no longer viable in this fast changing environment.