Virus, Malware and Other Computer Infections Removal

We will Identify the Problem

The internet can be a terrific tool to mankind but also the net can be a insidious place trying to rob you and destroy your computer. Virus, Spyware and Malware are ‘medical’ conditions that generally can be diagnosed and cured. Let Red Cat PC get your computer purring again

Service Details

  1. Troubleshoot Computer using various Malware and Virus Removal Software
  2. Removing the problem(s) on your computer takes time there are no quick fixes.
  3. Virus removals can take 5-8 hours.
  4. Clean and repair any operational system issues using Red Cat PC specific tools.
  5. Perform operating system updates and install virus and spyware software (extra charge for software) if needed.
  6. Clean and dust your computer.
  7. Home Service has a extra charge
  8. Comprehensive Virus Removal with Operating System Reload – $159.99
  9.  We offer Eset antivirus  the number one rated by Consumer Reports