Computers like cars need to have periodic ‘oil changes’ to keep a device running smoothly

Service Details

  1. Optimize startup and shutdown, install Windows updates, clean up quick launch and task bars.
  2. Run several scans for viruses, spam ware and malware.
  3. Enable antiphishing and pop-up block activation in your Browsers.
  4. Removal of old unwanted programs and trial ware.
  5. Test and verify hardware and software functionality
  6. Clean, dust and disinfect inside and out your computer
  7. Creation of different user accounts if desired.
  8. Fix any broken Windows files.
  9. Run defragment at the end of tune up
  10. Creation of Recovery Disks or Flash Drive for an extra charge of $39.99
  11. Super Tune Up Adds Updates to Java/Flash/Adobe Reader/Microsoft Silverlight/Quicktime/iTunes/Skype etc.
  12. Super Tune Up We will install the number one rated anti-virus “Eset” on your computer.

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